Regina Weinreich









"Regina Weinreich draws together threads of artistic influences that ultimately define Jack's writing more than any 'Beat Credo' or other input from Allen Ginsberg, myself and other associates." – William Burroughs

"Regina Weinreich has done Kerouac's work the long over-due favor of the attention of a first-rate
critical mind... a pioneering study of Kerouac the Writer." – John Clellon Holmes

"...a critical exposition of Kerouac's method of creation that reveals merit and genius... Weinreich has written a critical work on Kerouac that is without peer." – Carl Solomon

"This is a valuable, forcefully written book... another strong indicator of Kerouac's gradual acceptance into the core of our literature and national life itself."
Seymour Krim

"...a most absorbing study... Surely it belongs on every Kerouac reader's shelf." – Choice

"... a valuable addition to the literature of
the Beats...."
– The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Move[s] beyond biography to art to assess 'the impact of Kerouac's writing in American Literature." – Modern Fiction Studies

"[Book of Haikus]'s content proves alluring, especially editor Regina Weinreich's introduction detailing Kerouac's fascination with haikus."
– Atlanta Shelf Space

"Most of us tend to think of Kerouac as the
scroll-making, self-scripting author of "On the Road," a writer who is the soul of effusion. But
his haikus are the molecules out of which those effusions are made." – Verlyn Klinkenborg,
The New York Times


"A sharp witted film... Bowles brought distant realms of landscape and mind to the heart of American literature." – The New York Times

"Spellbinding" – The New York Post

"Like all the best biographical films "The Complete Outsider" makes you feel you know the person, through his eyes as well as those closest to him!"
The Seattle Times

"A tantalizing sketch of the legendary expatriate!"
The Los Angeles Times